Iterative convex hull is a polytope evaluation algorithm developed for the generic class of the linear algebra problems: $$ A\bm{x} = B\bm{y},\qquad \bm{y} \in [\bm{y} _{min}, \bm{y} _{max}] $$ This type of problems can be found in many different domains, one of them being the wrench capacity analysis of the human musculoskeletal models. In this paper the method overview is given as well as the verified on the assistive robotics scenario. [Read More]
Paper Abstract In this paper, the concept of signaling motions of a robot interacting with a human is presented. These motions consist in using the redundant degrees of freedom of a robot performing a task as new means of meaningful robot-human communication. They are generated through quasi-static torque control, in consistency with the main robot task. A double within-subject (N=16) study is conducted to evaluate the effects of two signaling motions on the performance of a task by participants and on their behavior towards the robot. [Read More]

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