PlatefOrme de RoboTisation et d’Autonomisation GénériquE

Project info

  • Consortium: Akka Research, EZ-Wheel, IMS,Auctus team

The Portage project aims at developing robotic solutions to support moving heavy structures within industrial environments. Typically, the targeted task is supporting moving an aircraft wing throughout the successive workstations in the industrial facilities. A robotic collaborative plateform is designed, developed and evaluated to increase both productivity and safety for industrial operators.

The contribution from Auctus regards the overall approach for designing the robotic plateform, developing human-robot interfaces, and experimentaly evaluate its impact. Charles Fage, Jean-Marc Salotti and David Daney are involved in Portage. We adopt a task-centered approach consisting of systematically analysing the targeted task (cognitive walkthrough, usage scenarii) as well as the future – robotized – task. This systematic analysis lead to identifying different movement modes of the robotic plateform, as well as supporting decision making through the different design steps across partners.

This pluridisciplinar collaborative project is lead by Akka Research and involves private companies (EZ-Wheel, IIDRE) and public research institutes (IMS, Inria). An external partner (Dassault Aviation), provides a concrete opportunity for a use-case, allwing the deployment of a prototype.